San Diego is strategically located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. This city enjoys warm climates most times of the year. This city has several gardens and parks. It also has museums and other recreational avenues. San Diego experiences very fine weather. For these reasons, it has remain to be one of the travel and vocational destination for many people. It is perfect city to spend holidays especially for people with kids. 

There are a lot of fun things to do in san diego. One of the most common attraction in the city is the museums. The museums pays home to the rich historical artifacts. Other than the museums, one can also visit the San Diego zoo. Different kinds of wild animals can be viewed in closed caves inside the zoo. Parks and gardens are also other recreational facilities found in San Diego. In addition, the great California city also offers numerous attractions to the residents and visitors. Night clubs and concerts are also profound among the young men visiting the city. 

Other fun activities offered by the great city of San Diego is watching of the sea world fireworks. No one should visit and leave the city without witnessing the amazing display created by sea world fireworks. Sport lovers are also not left behind. San Diego is a host of football team called the San Diego Chargers. Watching this team play gives you a whole new experience to a sport fun. During the day, one can visit the beach for a swimming sessions. What is more breathtaking though is the surfing. Surfing is an awesome extreme activity that is usually enjoyed by both the surfers and the spectators. 

Children also have a lot of fun staff to do in the city. The city has a full operational museum specifically designed for kids. Children can also accompany their parents or guardians to witness the sea world fireworks. Also various comedy shows are present. In case a child loves sport, the US Olympic Training center is the place to take your child. This visit may serve as a motivational boost to the child. The child will therefore put more effort towards achieving their sporting career. 


There are very many fun activities in San Diego. It will therefore only depend on you as an individual to choose what excites you the most. Know what to do in san diego today here!